26-1 July Rome

Aeroporti di Roma

Arrival in Rome will be at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport or the Rome Airport(FCO.) The airport is about 22.5 km (14 miles) southwest of Rome. International flights are handled through Terminal 3. Domestic flights are handled by Terminal 1. Terminal 3 is undergoing renovation and Terminal 5 (opened originally in 2008) is closed for modernization. Work on both terminals is scheduled to be complete in 2021.

The airport is served by the subway (Metro,) train, buses, and taxis. Car rental is also available. Some transportation services have limited nighttime hours. (More on the Metro.) 

Costs for transportation from the airport to Rome Central are from $61.60 for up to 4 and from airport $61.60 for 6-8 from airport $89.60.


Hotel Santa Maria located across the Tiber River from the old city of Rome.


Forum and Coliseum

forum rome

Coloseum Rome

3.5-hour Forum/full Coliseum tour is $101.00/person. Lonely Planet guide of Forum and Colosseum.



A three-hour (3) tour of the Vatican is $79/person for less than 14 people. Lonely Planet guide for the Vatican.

Segue or Segway Tours

Segue Tours Rome

A three (3) hour tour on a segue is $69.00/person, or $207 for three people. More information at TripAdvisor.


Avoiding the Hassle – The Disney Escape

A Disney Rome Escape package including hotel tours and 4 meals is $2,999.00.


(SEE:  Rome)