1 July Civitavecchia

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civitavecchia port

Civitavecchia (pronounced siveeta-vekeeya) means ‘ancient city’ in Italian. It is considered a suburb of Rome with a population of 53,000 citizens. The harbor was first constructed in the 2nd century and Civitavecchia continues to be a major transportation port to central Italy and the western islands. It is commonly known as the Port of Rome.

The train is considered the best/most economical way to reach Civitavecchia from Rome. Trains leave from the Termini in Rome’s central city; however, some travel sites suggest catching the train at an interim station between the Termini and Civitavecchia. There are trains with multiple stops and an express train. The regular train is less expensive and takes about 90 minutes from the Termini.

 It is advised that travelers plan for walking or free shuttles after arrival in Civitavecchia. The train station is near the south end of the harbor; however, the cruise ship terminal is at the north end.

The Rome Tool Kit page gives more information and links to travel options. Note:  The official webpage for the Port of Civitavecchia basically ignores the train option. Apparently, they have a ‘relationship’ with private car and taxi companies that are very expensive.

This information from Reids Italy provides a good overview of access options:

  • By train – There are two to three direct trains every hour between Civitavecchia and Rome’s main rail station, Roma Termini. Most local trains take 60–80 minutes and cost €5 each way (in second class; always ride in second class). Hourly Frecciabianca trains take 40–45 minutes and cost €9–€15. You still have to get from the Civitavecchia train station to the cruise terminal at the port; see below.
  • By cruise ship shuttle – Priciest option (though rates vary line to line). Takes about 60–80 minutes.
  • By private car – A private transfer still takes 60–80 minutes, but will often be cheaper than the cruise line’s service. Book one via our partners at Viator.com for $30 (€29).
  • By taxi/limosine – If you have the €125–€150 for a private transfer, please just book the same exact service for €30 from Viator.com and then send me the extra €100 that is clearly burning a hole in your pocket.

How to get between the Civitavecchia train station and the port/cruise terminal

If Civitavecchia is your embarkation or debarkation port (as opposed to a port of call), you’ll have all your luggage and might not want to haul it along the five-block walk betwen the port and the train station (detailed below). In that case, it can be well worth the €9 to €15 for the quick taxi ride (price varies depending on how many people/bags there are; the local taxi stand’s phone number is tel. +39-0766-26121).

If your cruise ship happens to dock, not along the long skinny pier, but rather across from it on the mainland alongside a giant parking lot, congratulations: you’re at Nuova Banchina Commerciale 24 or 25—and the walk to the train station is a whole lot farther…like 30 minutes. You’ll want to plump for a €15 taxi ride instead.

There are sometimes shuttle buses between the train station and the port, but those are usually timed to coincide with local ferries to Sardegna, not cruises.

If you do choose to walk: Head to the base of the loooong pier, around the Renaissance castle that serves as the port authority, and through the exit (this can be quite a ways as the dock is insanely long; ask about the public shuttle bus along the pier to the uscita). Cross the street to turn right down Via Garibaldi. The train station will be on your left after about a five-block, 10-15 minute walk. Here’s a map showing the route.