DAY 4: Lodging

3 July – Moving Day

After three days of traveling and tours, we rested on Day 4. The only task for the day was to move from The Hotel Lancelot, near the Coliseum to the Hotel Santa Maria across the Tiber, but still close to the ancient city of Rome.

Hotel Lancelot was a convenient hotel for our first few days in Rome and it was on a quiet street with a gated courtyard area. We had a pleasurable time at the Lancelot and the staff was outstanding.
The Hotel Lancelot
The street in front of our first hotel

Our next hotel was slightly farther from the tourist area near the Coliseum and it was less than a block from the Santa Maria Square. The move was painless as we hired a van and driver to take us the short distance rather than try to arrange two taxis or attempt public transport.

Once settled in, we had a late dinner and prepared for the next day.

One of our favorite restaurants near the Hotel Santa Maria