DAY 3: PM-Borghese Gallery

2 July – Borghese Gallery Guided Tour

(Guide – Rome In Limo)

Following our morning walking tour of the ancient city of Rome, we had a two-hour guided tour of the Borghese Gallery (Galleria Borghese) in the early evening. It is considered to be the first public museum as the Borghese family opened the private gallery to the public.

The galleria and surrounding park is located just outside the northwest ancient city wall. The park was part of the galleria but is now considered a separate tourist attraction. The entire Borghese estate, including the park and the galleria, was sold to the Italian government in 1902. The existing museum became officially a public attraction in 1903.

The Borghese family moved from Siena, Italy to Rome in 1541, and one of the sons (Camillo) became Pope Paul V. As Pope, had a firm belief in nepotism, and the family status rapidly rose in wealth and power through various appointments he made after he was elected Pope. Camillo adopted his nephew, Scipione, as his son and made him a Cardinal in the Church. Scipione became a patron of the arts and established the galleria.

Today, visitors to the galleria are limited to two hours and only 360 are allowed at a time.

Outside the Galleria Borghese

Below is a sampling of the art at the Galleria

Inside the Galleria – Wall Sculpture

Ceiling Frescos and/or Paintings



This sculpture of David by Bernini Lorenzo originally had the back heel embedded in a wall for support. They had to fashion a heel when put on this display.

Floor Art